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In 2019, the History of Education Society will fund two Fellowships. The purpose of the Fellowship schemes is to establish a higher public profile for the History of Education Society, its associated publications and conferences, and other activities concerned with the study and teaching of the history of education both in the UK and abroad. The aims of the Society include the promotion of the study and teaching of the history of education; promoting the public profile and an informed public understanding of the history of education by engaging in relevant debates; providing collaboration and exchange among those interested in the history of education in the UK and around the world; and promoting links with the study and teaching of history at all levels.
The Peter Gosden Fellow will be tasked with maintaining a social media presence utilising a weblog, Twitter and Facebook. This online activity will continue to develop an interactive web-presence for the Society. The Richard Aldrich Fellow will undertake the annual update of the Exe Libris bibliographical database to cover the year 2018, and assist the editors of History of Education in the preparation of an annual review of periodical literature (RPL). Both Fellowships will start on 1st January 2019 and finish on 31st December 2019. Although the announcement of the new Fellows at the AGM in November 2018 allows for a period of transition and training for each Fellow such that they are fully ready to start their Fellowship in January. Each Fellow will be mentored by a named member of the Society’s Board of Trustees.
The responsibilities of each Fellow are outlined here together with information about the reward package, and the process of application.