History of Education Researcher

The History of Education Researcher (previously the History of Education Society Bulletin), edited by Jonathan Doney (University of Exeter) and Rob Freathy (University of Exeter), is a peer refereed journal which publishes shorter articles on the history of education (max. 5,000 words). It is published twice a year in May and November and distributed to all members of History of Education Society (UK) and a range of institutional libraries both in the UK and abroad.

We welcome submissions from new researchers and from established researchers beginning work on new material. Constructive feedback is offered to those approaching publication for the first time. The Researcher includes items on archives and acquisitions in addition to news of the Society, notices of forthcoming events and book reviews.

Papers are accepted on the understanding that authors alone are responsible for the opinions expressed in their papers and for securing permission to reproduce copyright material from other sources where this is necessary. Copyright remains vested in the authors.

Manuscripts should be typed with double spacing and wide margins. Articles should not exceed 5,000 words including references and notes. Footnotes should be presented as a separate list at the end of the article (i.e. as endnotes). Endnotes should be numbered consecutively within the text with superscript numerals, placed outside punctuation. An Abstract of no more than 200 words should also be submitted.

We request that authors conform to the conventions used in the History of Education journal; these can be found on the following webpages:

http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/authors/style/reference/tf_L.pdf (referencing guide)

http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/authors/style/layout/tf_1.pdf (style guide)

Thus, BOOKS should be cited as follows: N. Hans, New Trends in education in the Eighteenth Century (London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1951) 52-53; JOURNAL PAPERS should be cited: R. N. Carver, ‘The Work of Kate Ryley on the Birkdale School Board 1889-1902’, History of Education Society Bulletin, 38 (1986) 46-48; THESES and DISSERTATIONS: G. U. Bhatt, ‘The system of education in Germany since the war’ (unpublished MEd, University of Leeds, 1931) 49-51. Quotations of 50 words or more should begin on a new line of text without quotation marks. Shorter quotations should be enclosed within the text in SINGLE quotation marks.

Contributions should be sent in the first instance to Jonathan Doney via email to the following address, J.Doney@exeter.ac.uk.

Books for review should be sent to Alice Kirke, Book Reviews Editor, UCL Institute of Education, University College London, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL, UK.


Articles from past editions

Edition 95 (May 2015)

Anthony Di Mascio, 'Do Historians of Education Matter? Some Troubling Answers from Four Recent Documentary Films on School Reform', History of Education Researcher 95 (2015): 5-12. [view]

Emma Lautman, 'Educating Children on the British Home Front, 1939-1945: Oral History, Memory and Personal Narratives', History of Education Researcher 95 (2015): 13-26. [view]

Judith Taylor, 'Gender, bigotry, class or cash? Educating poor Catholic girls in Nineteenth-Century Birkenhead and Liverpool', History of Education Researcher 95 (2015): 27-36. [view]

Edition 94 (November 2014)

Charlotte VT Murakami, 'Exploring New Methodological and Theoretical Directions: Using a ‘toolbox’ to study the conflict in England’s Language Reform Movements, 1979-1997',History of Education Researcher 94 (2014): 40-52. [view]

Francesco Obinu, ‘Education and Democracy in Italy after the Second World War: The Experience of a Non-Governmental Cultural Association', History of Education Researcher 94 (2014): 53-64. [view]

Don Harrison , ‘How Oxfam became ‘inevitably involved in education’ in England by the 1970s', History of Education Researcher 95 (2014): 65-73. [view]

Edition 93 (May 2014)

Mark Freeman, 'Adult Education and Social mobility in Nineteenth Century Britain: A Case Study', History of Education Researcher 93 (2014): 4-11. [view]

Mary V. Newman, ‘To put into the field trained bands of women’: Margaret Fletcher and the Education of Catholic Lay Women to Engage in the Public Sphere in the Early Twentieth Century', History of Education Researcher 93 (2014): 12-21. [view]

Edition 92 (November 2013)

Gordon S Marino, ‘Preparing the Boys for War – Compulsion or Coercion? Physical Education and Training, 1919-1939’, History of Education Researcher, 92 (2013): 41-53. [view]

Quighua Guo, ‘Architecture and Planning of Educational Institutions in Traditional China’, History of Education Researcher, 92 (2013): 54-67. [view]

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