Peter Gosden Fellow/ Media Manager

Annmarie Valdes will graduate (May 2017) with a PhD in Cultural and Educational Policy that includes a major in history and a minor in comparative education. Her PhD was fully funded by Loyola University with additional funding from HES USA, EERA and AERA. Her doctoral dissertation, “A ‘cult’ of intellectualism: female historians and a century of female knowledge production for the nineteenth-century American historical canon” narrates three Life Histories of some of America’s earliest female historians who pioneered critical disciplinary practices for history that are still used today. She was also a RA for a Spencer Foundation grant project entitled Students’ Civic Experiences of Selective Public High School Admissions and has taught courses in the History of Education, History of Childhood and International and Comparative Education. Annmarie’s broader research interests are Life History as a framework, qualitative methods, nineteenth-century women’s history and girlhood. Annmarie is a History of Education Society Peter Gosden Fellow (2016-17).