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Raymond McCluskey is Lecturer in Social Studies (History) in the School of Education at the University of Glasgow. A graduate of Glasgow (MA) and Oxford (DPhil), he began his career as a medievalist, focusing on the cultural contexts of the so-called Twelfth-Century Renaissance. In more recent years, his research interests have focused on the history of education and the history of the Catholic community in Scotland. He has published a wide range of books and articles, amongst the most recent of which include: R. McCluskey and S. J. McKinney, eds., How the Teacher is represented in Literature, History, Religion and the Arts: Cross Cultural Analysis of a Stereotype (Edwin Mellen Press, 2013). As well as membership of the Executive of the History of Education (UK) Society, he is a long-standing member of Council of the Scottish Catholic Historical Association, publishers of the biannual journal, The Innes Review.