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The 2015 HES conference offered a wide variety of papers that focused on the relation among science, technology, material culture, and education. As an overseas delegate, I am always struck by the cordiality of the conference, which welcomes researchers at all levels of their careers and where questions suggest helpful directions. At this year’s conference, I was especially struck by the range of work offered by postgraduate students; the future of the field is in good hands.

I’ve just looked back at my tweets from the conference, and some samples from them reveal the range of topics: science in domestic advice manuals, the hugely important scientific contributions of those outside the academy, visualising knowledge circulation, and using objects to teach about historical experiences.

As always, the conference offers the opportunity to see friends made over the years and to meet new ones.  The importance of personal connections and networks cannot be overemphasised. And kudos to the amazing conference organiser Heather Ellis not only for her flawless efforts but also for presenting a fascinating paper. I’m already looking forward to next year.