Co-editor of History of Education Researcher

Rob Freathy is Associate Dean (Education) of the College of Social Sciences and International Studies and Professor of Education in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Exeter. He is co-editor of History of Education Researcher and a member of the Editorial Boards for History of Education, British Journal of Religious Education and Journal of Beliefs and Values. He is co-editor of a series of books published by Peter Lang on the theme of Religion, Education and Values (Vol. 11, 2017). Previously he has acted as Reviews Editor for History of Education. He has also authored and edited numerous books, including Religious Education and Freedom of Religion and Belief (Oxford, 2012), History, Remembrance and Religious Education (Oxford, 2014) and Politics, Professionals and Practitioners (London, 2017). He has contributed articles to the following journals: British Journal of Educational Studies, Oxford Review of Education, History of Education, History of Education Researcher, Religious Education, British Journal of Religious Education, Journal of Beliefs and Values, Journal for the Study of Spirituality, RETodayREsource and Dialogue Australasia. He is also responsible for developing Exe Libris: The UK History of Education Society On-line Bibliography (in association with the University of Exeter).