The BERA Council has approved the introduction of a new special interest group in History. The History SIG will provide a base for historical research, theories, representations and methodologies in education.  It is designed to serve a broad and diverse constituency, incuding the following related but distinct areas:
1. History of education – educational changes and continuities over the longer term in relation to a changing social and political context;
2. History in education – representations of history in the school curriculum, textbooks, museums, pageants, the media and other educational institutions;
3. Historical perspectives on current issues – the origins, antecedents and implications of policies and practices in education;
4. Educational life-histories and biographies – the contributions of individuals, groups and networks to educational change over the lifecourse.

The History SIG will also engage with other branches of history, seeking to understand and address inequalities in education and society over the longer term, and will aim to contribute to the research agendas posed in other SIGs across the range of BERA’s work.

Professor Gary McCulloch of the UCL Institute of Education will act as the initial convenor of the new SIG. Gary would welcome ideas from BERA members for History SIG activities including plans for the BERA 2016 Leeds conference.

If you would like to join the new BERA History SIG please login to your member profile by going to and join the SIG via your member page.

Paper proposals in this area for the 2016 BERA Conference are also very welcome.