The editors of Rivista di Storia dell’Educazione (RSE) have announced a call for papers for a special issue, ‘Revisiting the local dimension
in historical-educational research’. RSE is the journal of the Centro Italiano per la Ricerca Storico- Educativa (CIRSE), the academic society that brings together Italian historians of education.

Following recent advances in historical-educational research at the international level, this special issue invites scholars to engage in research that draws out the heuristic value of the local dimension in the history of education by reconstructing the processes whereby schooling was introduced across different country contexts. The submitted articles should discuss the history of schooling not only at the institutional and legislative levels, but also in biographical, social and material terms, bringing to light meaningful descriptions, memories, periods, events, and aspects of schooling, and illustrating the educational practices that were concretely implemented in the classroom, as opposed to those prescribed by law and by official programmes.

Articles may be written in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese. The deadline for submission proposals is 31 May 2017. A brief abstract describing the historical setting and theme of the article, the research methodology adopted, the sources drawn on, and a short bibliography (max. 10 references) should be sent to Segreteria CIRSE, marked to the attention of Prof. Gianfranco Bandini, at:; (and copied to the editors of the special issue at:;;