The History of Education Society awards the Brian Simon bursary to a postgraduate student to fund attendance at ISCHE to enable them to present their research. The bursary will cover the costs of earlybird registration, (by June 10th) accommodation and travel from the UK to Berlin.

The bursary is awarded to the student that the committee feel will benefit most from attendance given the relevance of their topic to the conference.

Please apply by giving the following details:

  • Name
  • Accepted abstract
  • Proof of acceptance of paper from ISCHE panel
  • A short ( 250 words) explanation of why attendance at the ISCHE conference in Berlin will support your research
  • Declaration of membership of the History of Education Society (UK). Please insert membership number (if known)
  • Estimate of proposed expenses including conference registration, hotel, travel from the UK to Berlin.

Your supervisor should send a reference separately in support of your application. Please ask them to do so, and send us their contact details for our records.

Applications should be sent to the secretary by 20th April