One of our current Postgraduate Representatives and former Peter Gosden Fellow, Elena Rossi, leads the Committee for an exciting, upcoming conference.

‘Women and Worlds of Learning in Europe: From the Medieval to the Modern Day’ is an interdisciplinary conference focused on research into women’s involvement in, and experience of, networks of higher and further education. This two-day event will address questions concerning women’s complicated and multifaceted connections with intellectual communities since the institutionalisation of higher education in the Middle Ages. We are interested in the development of women’s roles, first as informal students and teachers, patrons and family members, or employees, and later as students and faculty members.

A scholarly discussion of women’s roles in higher and further education also has a particular contemporary significance, as students and staff continue to face gendered challenges as a result of patriarchal institutional structures and intellectual cultures. Our conference integrates an understanding of the historical evolution of women’s involvement with research that engages with their current position in higher education, including discussions of intersectionality such as the specific experiences of trans and gender nonconforming people, as well as Black, Indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC) scholars.

Five central questions have shaped the selection of papers within our programme and these will be featured on posters throughout the conference, encouraging our attendees to engage with the papers and bring thoughts for discussion to our collaborative workshop on the second day (outlined in event overview below). These questions are:

  1. What role have women played in intellectual networks?
  2. How does gender impact the female experience in these contexts?
  3. How does the representation of women within the curriculum shape women’s place in education today?
  4. What has your own experience been within higher education?
  5. What is the future for women in higher and further education?

For the full programme, please see the website:

Registration for the conference is open until 31st March: